Neil Fellowes of Review Elektro

Neil Fellowes of Review Elektro

Hi there!!!

I’m Neil Fellowes and I’m a man with a passion for music and photography. That’s why I set up this crazy little website.

To kind of give you something of my background (this involves me being serious for a moment), I’m a freelance music photographer with a growing reputation (take that as you will) and I’ve been told I am a “recognised” musician in my own right, (I’ve released my own music through a leading independent label and performed gigs myself in both the U.K and Europe). My name is also “known” within the U.K./European electronic music scene, not just the synth-pop stuff, but also the broader scene that encompasses the experimental and ambient electronic. I have a very wide-range of musical tastes and can listen to and appreciate pretty much anything thrown at me, despite my advancing years (52 years old at the time of writing in November 2017 – may not have been a good move to mention that).

In terms of what my writing abilities and style are, well, in all truthfulness, bugger all at the moment, other than a crazy personal blog (neilfellowesblogspot – just saying) that contains a couple of album/gig reviews alongside my inane ramblings, however, I have been told I have a good writing style that is clear and to the point. You will soon realise that within anything I do, there will always be a bit of candour, a good few facts and a large injection humour – and photographs. I like to think reasonably good photographs as well (does that sound too big-headed?). When I’m at an event, I really do like to get in amongst it all, soak up the atmosphere and take in as much of the occasion as I can and to add a little extra to a review, I try to get talking with the people attending to get, and to give, a broader view of the proceedings.

This site incorporates some of my photography, as well as the written word, to broaden the scope of the content and add a little more interest. One of my main aims with Review Elektro is to focus on the East Anglian region as much as possible because, quite simply, it gets very little exposure from what I have seen, so I’m looking at the lesser known groups/musos as well as/as much as the bigger names – to me the latter would be padding and I suppose, something of a “draw” to the site to gain interest.

Why am I doing it? As I said at the beginning of this piece, very simply because I love music and performance. I want to be as much a part of the local scene as I can and hopefully, make a small idea a big success and maybe help a few people, as well as myself, on the way. And by doing this as an independent, and even though I will have something of a leaning towards electronic music, I can’t see any real restraints as to what or who gets reviewed, apart from my own availability, which is pretty good if I say so myself. And no adverts. No, none of those – far too distracting. Open to donations though 😉

I hope you enjoy the site and the content. Please do pop over to the Facebook page and say hello, link up with us on Twitter and we love to get the occasional e-mail, particularly if you have something nice to say. If you haven’t got something nice to say, well, keep it constructive 😉

If music is indeed the food of love, then think of Review Elektro as your local takeaway 😀

All the best, toodle pip, ta ta, etc

Neil Fellowes