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Chase & Status, Epic Studios, Norwich, Norfolk, 10th October 2014


Chase & Status:
Saul Milton
Will Kennard (in name only)
MC Rage

Dimension (support)

Epic Studios
112-114 Magdalen Street

Okay, I’m going to be up front from the beginning here – I found it really difficult to write this piece because, essentially, I’m not really sure I saw a performance of any kind that I could adequately respond to, and I have genuinely struggled to be as positive as I have in my views. I was told by several people “in the know” that these guys were the “ones to see” and that “they filled stadiums”. And you know, whilst drum ‘n’ bass isn’t my thing, I was actually quite looking forward to this, such was the promise of what I had been told.

casepic1010140003acopyrightAll I saw on this night were two very mediocre DJ sets.

Dimension was the first on and basically, all he did was just stand there playing a load of “tunes” and every now and again, he actually raised his arm in salute. Without wishing to be unkind or rude, I can honestly say that I have seen far more animated and entertaining wedding DJ’s. Ultimately, that was it and all that I can really say is that it was dull, lacklustre and boring.

Anyway, keep an open mind I thought, the main act will obviously show why the tickets were the price they were and why Chase and Status enjoy the success they do.

Oh dear.

casepic1010140015acopyrightI sat through the most cumbersome and monotonous conveyor belt of played-out, done-to-death beats ever, with some bloke (I had to assume he was the much revered MC Rage, these guys were obviously way too cool to make introductions of any kind) prancing around the stage shouting “Chase and fucking Status” every five minutes, in between him also shouting “wicked” (very 90’s) or shouting “Make some noise!” (which thankfully, the attendant crowd did). And, it would seem that Norwich was deserving of only one half of the act, that being Saul Milton (Chase), who was nothing more than a slightly more animated version of the “warm-up” DJ. I don’t know what happened to the other one, I don’t know if he was even there or not as nothing was said. And I’m not really sure what kind of message that gave out to people who had paid good money (£23) for their ticket. When one considers the performances that were witnessed the night before (Public Service Broadcasting, Radiophonic Workshop and Ulrich Schnauss), I can’t help but feel a whole lot of “let down, disappointed and unimpressed”. That said, I want to highlight the real star performers tonight – Epic Studios and their security personnel. They all did an excellent job of organising the crowd, maintaining a great atmosphere and providing an excellent venue, so I think it’s important that they and their security should be praised for ensuring both people’s safety and enjoyment throughout the evening.

casepic1010140021acopyright casepic1010140026acopyright

Okay enough already, let’s finish things and sum this one up: no performance, poor presentation and zero style.

The capacity crowd loved it.

I did not.



Concert Images (courtesy of Neil Fellowes Photography):
Chase and Status