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Kosheen, Epic Studios, Norwich Norfolk, 25th October 2014

Sian Evans (vocals)
Markee Ledge (guitar,keyboard)
Mitch Glover (drums)

Catnip and Claws (support):
Emma Catnip

Epic Studios
112-114 Magdalen Street

A night of 90’s vibe electronica at Epic Studios in Norwich with electronic dance band Kosheen and support from local electronic music maker Catnip and Claws. Kosheen were not  band I fully got into or knew very much about, other than what I saw or heard when they were at their height, and the support act, though apparently from Norwich, was completely unknown to me. And so I entered the main auditorium, unprepared for what the evening had in store for me.

catnipnclwsepic2510140001acopyrightFirst up was Catnip and Claws, and I have to confess to immediate heart-sink as it looked as though it was going to be a kind of DJ set – the nightmare of Chase and Status was coming back to get me!!! However, I was pleasantly surprised (and hugely relieved) to see that this was not the case and what we had was a live electronica set, consisting of a lovely young lady by the name of Emma Catnip who describes herself as “just a girl making modern nostalgia”. Armed with a PC (that crashed, in a most epic fashion, about 5 minutes into the set, but we’ll skip over that) and a handful of MIDI controllers, Miss Catnip soon had the beats pounding and the tunes mashing and flying around everywhere, courtesy of her dextrous pot and fader handling. The set had a definite 90’s vibe to it, but Emma’s use of effects and controllers soon added a most definite 21st century sheen and dynamic quality as she morphed and mashed her abundance of breaks and beats that had your eyes spinning like reels on a fruit machine – in a very good way. On top of a great set that provided a suitable warm up for the headline act, it was good to see a female electronic music artist in action, there’s too few of them in my view. And great that she’s a local girl too. A little scan of her profile reveals that she’s making cool progress and most definitely one to watch,

So, with a nice warm up from Catnip and Claws, it was soon time for Kosheen. As I said earlier, I knew of them, but had no firm idea of what they did live, so it was good to see something that, for me, was fresh and something that I could approach with an open mind.

kosheenepic2510140005acopyrightThe turnout was good and so there was an expectant atmosphere which really helped things and a big cheer went up as they came on stage and went straight into the music with no messing and taking no prisoners. Sian Evans was a front-woman through and through. Her vocals were spot on and she showed no signs of wavering throughout her energetic performance, and clearly enjoying herself. She did the repartee with the audience, she got into the music and she shared the stage with the other two band members. Impressive, that’s all I have to say. The drummer, Mitch Glover, was on the mark from the start with controlled precision drumming, playing to sequenced beats and breaks (not always the easiest things for a drummer to do) and driving the entire set like a jack-hammer. I will say that had he not have been a part of the band, I’m not sure the set would have had such a dynamic feel to it – okay, I suppose that is something of an obvious statement, but there are a number of acts of this nature that use programmed rhythms and something is definitely lost. On guitar and electronics was Markee Ledge, mysterious in his shades and looking not unlike a reject from Oasis (in my book, to be a reject from Oasis is a GOOD thing), and I was impressed by the way in which he maintained a good live sound with a clever combination of synths and pre-programmed material throughout- in other words I didn’t feel cheated in terms of actual performance.

       kosheenepic2510140007acopyright kosheenepic2510140013acopyright


The set consisted of a well-balanced and solidly paced mix from Kosheen’s five studio albums, and having listened to the albums since the gig, I can tell you that they translated very well to the live arena. Highlights of the evening were the hit song “Hide U” which was very well received, “(Slip & Slide) Suicide” and “Damage” which was one of the slower paced songs and saw a fantastic performance from Sian Evans. One of the things that really impressed me about kosheenepic2510140008acopyrightKosheen was that they are, whether you like or not, an electronic dance band (and if we’re being quite honest with ourselves, those sort of bands don’t always come across great live), but along with the likes of Faithless, they are very much an electronic dance band that has broken the mould and proven themselves to be as credible on stage as they are in the studio. That’s no mean feat in this day and age of plastic, manufactured, auto-tuned mime artists. There was no stunning light show, no intense video backdrop or out-of-this-world onstage theatrics. No, what you got was a serious act comprised of competent artists combining sequenced and played parts with a strong front-person whose personality was as big as the venue.

Kosheen got a new fan that night.




Concert Images (courtesy of Neil Fellowes Photography):
Catnip and Claws